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Summer 2008

Dear Friends:

Here is a core question of our times: Why is it so hard for us to protect the wild places and wild creatures that we love?  None of us want to dwell on the extinctions that threaten our lovely planet.  And yet, as a nature writer, I find myself more and more often, doing just that. 

I’m also thinking (along with so many others) about how we can most effectively participate in a new healing paradigm, what Joanna Macy and David Korten call "The Great Turning."  Can we learn the beautiful and essential practice of keeping our hearts open, bearing witness and then acting on behalf of our world?

I invite you to read a story I wrote for The Nature Conservancy about the southern redbay, and the Asian fungus that threatens it (http://www.terrain.org/articles/22/cerulean.htm), and a report I just completed for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (myfwc.com/wildlife2060) about the projected status of Florida’s wildlife in 2060 (website and report available August 15).

In the months ahead, I will continue to write, speak, lead workshops and get out in our beautiful world as much as I can.  Check my updated schedule, and join me!

PDF of document - click here! View the flyer for Women in Time: A New Year’s Retreat on the Gulf Coast

PDF of document - click here! View the flyer for Women and Men In Time: A Springtime Retreat

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